FAMEL is a Portuguese brand focused on the motorbike industry since the 50s. The brand has become a national symbol and, even today, its motorbikes remain in the garage of many people.

The company declared bankruptcy in 2002 but, recently, was object of a total revitalization with the intention of rebuilding the whole brand and focus on the electric mobility. For this new electric era, FAMEL needed a rebranding that would communicate the new values and mission without erasing the rich past and legacy.

Photography of an old FAMEL motorbike model.

I had the privilege of being invited to take part of this creative process and think about how to elevate the brand with motion applied to the logo, social media assets, video transitions and a short motion film revealing the new brand identity.

The most important part of applying motion to the branding was to conceive small but distinctive behaviors that would emphasize freedom, speed, innovation and electric sustainable power.

Image taken from the FAMEL motion video. Graphic composition with the wording "Iconic" in it.