The h.Club100 is an annual award ceremony of The Hospital Club, celebrating the 100 most influential and innovative people in the UK’s creative industries. The awards comprise 10 categories with 10 nominees in each. The final winner in each category is announced during the h.Club 100 awards ceremony.

“[...] Everything is an association! An informal grouping, a selection, a collection. If it was an alchemy box I think the theme essentially would be "natural selection". Almost no premeditated thought went into it. It was a series of compulsive choices. The book contains artists I have great admiration for, artists and people I think would be good drinking companions. I also have a strong feeling that all the artists represented in the book treat every corner of their lives as a creative act. They represent lives where work and pleasure are seamlessly merged together, the choices which are motivated by an education, a thirst for new experience and knowledge.”

[Extracts from…] A conversation between Ryan Gander and Masako Hosoi Gander, Ryan (2015)
— Artist’s Cocktails, Dent-De-Leone

Understanding The Hospital Club as the hub for great creative encounters, we've designed The HC100 Awards drawing inspiration from the multiple lobby areas that exist in the prestige Club. To celebrate the great conversations that it allows, to honor it as the hub for groundbreaking ideas, to connect the flavors, the humor, we've built the event inspire the thirst for greatness and the wish for the brand new. As such, The Unexpected Mix turns cocktails into creative magic, in
a concept that is expanded from the opening clip to the event video idents, the graphic language to the audio pieces so that the celebration empowers the audience in a thought and sense-provoking ceremony.

Year › 2016
Client › The Hospital Club

Concept & Creative Direction › The Royal Studio
Design, Planning & Set Design › The Royal Studio & Ana Types Type
Motion Graphics & Opening Video › Carlos Meinedo & Nuno Leites (Snack Studio)
Music Composition & Sound Design › AIM Studios
Set Photography › Álvaro Martino
Event Photography › The Hospital Club