Rádio Estádio was the first and only Portuguese radio station entirely dedicated to the whole universe of sports. The radio station was set to launch in 2018 and This is Pacifica was the studio chosen to create the visual identity and all the digital and printed assets.

This is Pacifica created a visual system with a modular approach, combining different elements. Some elements were mainly abstract and others were representations of various sports fields. These elements together create infinite possibilities and are easily adapted to different sizes and contexts.

I was invited by This is Pacifica to explore and animate the visual identity of Rádio Estádio. The system designed for the static assets was a great inspiration to create the motion language that would support the whole identity. Having that modular approach in mind, I animated each element individually and then combined them randomly to achieve different compositions and pieces: logo animation, social media posts, video transitions, and so on.

All these elements were carefully animated so they could be used in different sizes, ratios, resolutions, formats and, of course, either individually or together as the Rádio Estádio “line”.