Tonic App is a digital start-up that aims to humanize medicine through an app for the medical community. Built on the juxtaposition of functional and emotional elements, the brand identity and signature have been developed in close partnership between This is Pacifica and Tonic App.

This is Pacifica wanted to explore and define the motion language for Tonic App’s branding and contacted me to help them achieve it. Usually, medicine is perceived as following a rigid, data-oriented language which leaves no room for visual exploration. Instead of following the conventional, This is Pacifica created a visual identity focused on a vast catalog of simplified and colorful micro and macro elements that together orient the brand communication and build a unique living organism.

To create this system, I gave special attention to every single element and animated them individually with specific motion characteristics. With these characteristics defined and used across all elements, it was possible to give life to each one individually but also as a coherent group, creating a beautiful and harmonious ecosystem.

These elements are organized and adapted to different formats, devices, and purposes: app startup animation, website landing page, social media communication, and so on. Besides all that, I also had to build these animations fully compatible with Lottie, so they could be easily used in the app and web.