One day I opened my e-mail box and got a message from the Utah Jazz creative director. They wanted to create a motion video with an editorial style showcasing the biggest achievements of Mike Conley during his years in the Utah Jazz team. I had all the freedom and worked in both design and animation mixing a bunch of video footage, photography and typography.

I started playing with some visual compositions, some minimal graphics, and all that footage. The process was smooth and all the creative inputs from the design team helped push the design and animation to another level.

Typographical composition saying "If you need me... You can find me in the mountains."
Mountains landscape with typography saying "We always look to the..."

After finishing and approving the styleframes and storyboard, I jumped into After Effects to start working on the animation. It was clear the importance of the script and voice-over so I opted to highlight some words during the video and use that to create unique design compositions where the typography blended with the video and photo.

The final result is a typography-driven motion piece mixed with photography and video that highlights some of Mike Conley’s best moments in the Utah Jazz team, aiming to create a strong bond between the player and the team, and wishing to re-signing for another season.

Mike Conley photography with typography composition saying "Very best version".
Typography composition filling the entire screen saying "Mountain Mike".
Typography composition saying "Let's conquer it" in the center.


Editorial composition with a photography of the Utah Jazz team and the word "together" in the center.