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Amorim Rebrand Video

Amorim is the world's leading company in the cork industry and the 150th birthday was right on the corner. Eduardo Aires Studio was chosen to make the celebrations just perfect, adding a massive rebranding to the whole company.
I got in the scene to help designing and animating a video that would represent and manifest the branding atmosphere and attitude, according to what has been already created.

Year: 2020   Client: Eduardo Aires Studio   Art Direction & Design: Eduardo Aires Studio   Motion Design & Animation: Nuno Leites   Music & Sound Design: A Clarabóia (André Aires)


Sixty Degrees

Sixty Degrees was building its brand new identity and 9 Communication was creating the whole thing from scratch. They designed a beautiful and well-thought visual personality that needed an animated video to shine even brighter.
The video had to show the mood and values of the company through the graphics and animation. It was very important to keep a clear sense of unity and consistency throughout the whole video.

Year: 2018   Client: Sixty Degrees   Branding & Design: 9 Communication   Animation: Nuno Leites & João Moreira


Zippy Brand Video

Zippy is a Portuguese brand specialized in babies and infants, that serves parents and children from birth to preteen. This is Pacifica was creating a brand new visual identity with an amazing and playful mood.
I created a video that would not only show the brand visuals but also express its attitude, emotions and playful atmosphere.

Year: 2018   Client: Zippy   Visual Identity: This is Pacifica   Brand Signature & Copy: Miguel Durão (Stream and Tough Guy)   Motion Design & Animation: Nuno Leites

I've been creating with...

9 Communication \ Adriana Leites \ Álvaro Martino \ Another Collective \ Atelier d'Alves \ Dobra Studio \ Eduardo Aires Studio \ Estaminé Studio \ Nebula Studios \ Non-verbal Club \ Olga Studio \ Pentagram \ Pixelmatters \ This is Pacifica \ We Know You


I'm a Portuguese motion designer working remotely from Porto to wherever needs a creative mind to join the challenge. 

I like to identify myself as a mix of a creative, a designer, and an animator. That's why I tend to call my professional action by Creative Motion Designer.

I'm a Portuguese working remotely from Portugal to wherever needs. I aim to create custom solutions for graphic design, branding, and typography driven projects and other digital endeavors. I usually work with 2D Animation and mix it with whatever best fits the challenge I'm taking. For that, I often assemble a team of really nice people with distinct skills to make sure every stage of the process is thought to the smallest detail.