Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is one of the most prestigious art centers in Portugal. The Foundation has a museum, which houses Calouste Gulbenkian’s private collection, and a Modern Art Center (CAM) which holds the most important collection of modern and contemporary Portuguese art.

In 2019, they set up a new art exhibition entitled Women Artists, which highlighted the artworks of some of the most talented Portuguese women in the art scene: Paula Rego, Helena Almeida, Ana Hatherly, Ana Vieira, Lourdes Castro, and many more.

For this exhibition, they wanted to create short films talking about some of these artists in a documentary style, where the life and work of these women were carefully showcased and honored.

A directors duo from Porto, Brighter Films, was working with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and was responsible to produce three pieces for the exhibition each one presenting one artist: Helena Almeida, Lourdes Castro and Ana Hatherly.

They contacted me to help them with the design and animation of these pieces. I was thrilled with the whole project, especially about the documentary style I would explore, design and animate.

We started by creating the video of the world-renowned Portuguese artist, Helena Almeida. Since I started studying art history, Helena Almeida works always got my attention so this project was also a good way to remind that. The second video was dedicated to Ana Hatherly, artist and writer, and the third one portrayed the life and works of Lourdes Castro.

Image taken from the Helena Almeida video, a submission form appears with an arrow pointing to the word "Paris".
Image taken from the Ana Hatherly video showcasing one of her art pieces called "Mapas da Imaginação e da Memória" from 1973.


Image taken from the Lourdes Castro video with a photograph of the Madeira Island and name "Lourdes Castro" written in the center.