36 Days of Type

Typography · Personal Project

Once upon a time, two young boys joined forces and gathered their creative weapons to fight an uncontrollable monster. A battle so fierce that took exactly 36 days to overcome. We can't say the boys were unsuccessful but the truth is... the monster still lives in the lost lands of Instagram and will be forever known as 36 Days of Type. The boys, André Santos and Nuno Leites will surely be back and confront this monster again with even stronger weapons and unbelievable techniques.

And now, for a more serious approach. We defined our own boundaries to tackle this challenge of creating our own unique alphabet for 36 days. All the alphabet should be based on only three basic shapes: circle, triangle, and square. Then, we explored the exact same letter and number with our own tools and forms of expression: Estaminé Studio with papercut techniques and me with animation.

Nice people behind all this