Opening Titles · Typography

I truly love an opening title sequence as a creative and artistic piece. Watching this short and compact sequence that leads you into the movie or show and takes you into that universe has been an amazing experience for me. All these years I watched hundreds of opening titles and, somehow, there was always an unconscious ambition to create one myself. Finally, I did it.

My good friend Sérgio, from Atelier d'Alves, called to invite me for a new project, creating an opening title sequence for a Portuguese TV show. We were both extremely excited to work on this piece, especially because it was a typographic focused project. Since the beginning, it was clear we would use only typography to create the whole sequence. No graphic elements, photography, or other objects were meant to be part of this piece. Also, the color scheme was very limited since we opted for a black and white approach.

All these constraints actually helped us focus on the important part of the project, the typography, which needed to be strong and bold, and play, at the same time, the role of concrete information but also the role of a more abstract shape that guides the viewer through the entire sequence until the very last second.

Synopsis: "Seven visions of Portugal, in Cassandra's prophetic voice, that reveal different but interconnected concerns about the future and the contradictory forces that shape it, with themes as diverse as politics, economics, media, technology, education, sexuality, religion, work, and revolution. A project that, in a classic way, starts from the text, in its richness and complexity, but invests it with the spontaneity and restlessness of action, the hypothesis of building a country."


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