Utah Jazz

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Believe it or not, one day I woke up with a message from the creative director of the Utah Jazz design team. Yes, those Utah Jazz. When I was a kid I was a big fan of basketball, even if I played really bad. Back then, I never achieved big moves but this truly sounds like my first dunk ever!

They asked me to design and animate a motion video about the All-star Mike Conley aka Mountain Mike. I was absolutely thrilled with the idea. The briefing was to create a video with an editorial style following some of Mike's biggest achievements during his career. The creative input and advice from Chris and the whole team were crucial. I started working on a bunch of style frames to find the right direction and create a proper storyboard that would lead the animation. After that, I jumped into After Effects and animated the whole thing, always supported by the voice-over and music.

The final result is a typography-drive piece mixed with a lot of photography and video that speaks about Mike Conley and the importance he has to the whole Utah Jazz team and fans.
One thing is right, they succesfully re-signed the contract!


Nice people behind all this